1. Floren
    There are several user login databases allowing Internet users to bypass a site registration, by providing fake accounts to anyone. While most innocent people think this is a convenient way to keep their information private, others are using these databases maliciously by gaining access to private information reserved for site members only. This is a security breach which might affect your business.

    For example, an user can illegally purchase a product from an eCommerce site and share the account to others, allowing access to a product that might be licensed to one person only. Please verify if your web site has any fake registered accounts on the database banks listed below and take appropriate action.

    Probably the longest running database bank. It offers a mobile application, Firefox and Chrome extension to easily share accounts and login into various sites.

    Misleading database bank which gives you a 100% success rate and one vote on your initial submission.

    Small database bank which offers username and password logins.

    Currently down, it might be back online soon. It is mostly loaded with spam entries and profanity based accounts.
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