1. Floren
    Red Hat announced the beta availability of Software Collections 1.1, a second installment of Software Collections which was launched in October 2013. Red Hat Software Collections delivers a comprehensive suite of runtime languages, open source databases, and related tools helping developers and systems administrators accelerate the creation of stable, modern web applications.

    Red Hat Software Collections 1.1 Beta expands the offering with several new options, including:
    • Two new open source HTTP server options in the form of Apache httpd server 2.4.6 server andnginx 1.4.4 (The latter is Technology Preview only)
    • Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0.2, which for the first time will be broken out into their own collections, providing developers access to an updated version of Ruby without requiring the installation of Rails.
    • PHP 5.5 – the latest stable PHP version.
    • MongoDB 2.4.9, a high-performance document database that provides high availability and easy scalability
    • Thermostat 1, a tool for monitoring Java virtual machine (JVM) instances on multiple hosts
    • The software collections utilities have been enhanced to simplify extending software collections through the use of dependent collections.