Due to the fact vBulletin 3.8 is an obsolete product, we decided that Searchlight development is not worth the work effort and stopped any related activity. Based on our client opinions, new releases of vBulletin have been proven not being a stable platform for very large forums. This explains our reticence to invest time and work effort in a product like Searchlight.

    Unfortunately, seventy percent of our clients already moved to a vBulletin alternative, some of them being now settled with XenForo which provides an excellent development platform as well an optimized search engine. As alternative to Searchlight, we will offer you free support to implement the XenForo search engine only. We tested the add-on combined with AXIVO elasticsearch RPM on a 20 millions posts forum and the results are very promising. Even if the product is discontinued, you are allowed to continue using Searchlight for an unlimited amount of time.

    As you noticed, we moved in a totally different direction by offering advanced server support including custom cluster configurations and high performance optimizations for Enterprise Linux servers, while sharing our knowledge with Open Source movement.
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