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    The problem of checking these sites, is that although you might not have any shared accounts on your site right now, that doesn't continuously protect you. If someone registered to share an account to share a paid product... once other users have taken advantage of it, these same users are unlikely to come back.

    It would be nice if there was an API to check these sites (although, it might be unethical for this API to leach the information). But if such an API did exist, for something like XenForo it should be possible to add it to AnyApi (free). If there is such an API, this should stop anyone from using that account on registration... so there shouldn't be a need to check the sites continuously, and even the 1st attempt will be stopped, sadly I don't know of such an API.

    If there is one, let me know and I will add it as a default setting to AnyApi.
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