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  2. managerprosto

    managerprosto New Member

    Hello AXIVO!

    If somehow we'd like to stay with vb 3.8 and improve our search using Searchlight, that'd be impossible?
    Or maybe we could discuss terms for that?
  3. Floren

    Floren AXIVO Developer

    Running such old vBulletin version presents security and performance issues. Also, even if Searchlight requires very little maintenance (for example, avforums.com ran Searchlight for 4 years without a single problem), it still involves a lot of work on the server side to update the needed libraries that interact with vBulletin product.

    Regardless, we do not plan to make any exceptions to the already taken decision.
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  4. Spinball

    Spinball New Member

    This had to happen eventually. vB3 is an obsolete product and Floren couldn't support it forever. I outlined my thoughts on vB3. We spend a large amount of time and money moving to Xenforo and I'm really glad we did.

    Searchlight was remarkably robust. It just never went wrong. Totally awesome job there, Floren.
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  5. managerprosto

    managerprosto New Member

    We're thinking about migration now. Thanks for your reply and article.

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